Thursday, April 21, 2011

Two Things that Get my Goat about Ghana (Ghana Hall of Shame, Mike!)

Before I offer the expected rant, let me provide context.

It's a busy Thursday before Easter and so people have been preparing left, right, and center. In that respect, I was half-expecting to meet things that would get my goat. Still, I think Ghanaians should know better.

So I called an organisation to find out something. When the person answered, it was a hesitating "hello?".

I immediately reacted, asking whether it was the organisation I was calling--to which he replied in the affirmative. "The least you can do", I went on at him, "is to tell anyone who calls the name of the organisation, you see?". He promptly apologised. I asked him about the service and he asked me for my number.

I gave him an AIRTEL number, starting with "0-2-6".

Next I hear, he's bloody repeating the number prefaced with an MTN number! To wit: "0-2-4-2-6"!

I almost hit the roof.

"Sir, no! I said '0-2-6' ..."?!?!

To cut a long story short:
1. Customer service is annoying at the best of times, but let's just remind the recalcitrant staff of organisations who answer their phones with a "hello" that they should immediately STATE the organisation first. Just good for business--whatever it might be

2. Not everyone is on MTN! Some of us have abandoned their MTN like perpetually-hot cakes. We now have AIRTEL on 026; VODAFONE on 020; EXPRESSON on 028; TIGO on 027; and soon GLOBACOM on, I believe 023...

If you survived this rant, kudos! Make sure you have a great Easter and be back renewed on Tuesday 26 April--a very special day for yours truly!;-)

BTW: check out ghanablogger Mike on who has made efforts to highlight and condemn such bad practices
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