Friday, July 30, 2010

RIP Mr.Godslin Atikpoe, of Gold Cab Services

It was never supposed to end like this.

I was supposed to call Mr.Atikpoe--a driver of Gold Cab services, which is a private taxi-hiring service I have been patronising for four years now--on Tuesday morning to remind him to come pick me up from work.

Instead I got hold of his wife who informed me she was taking him to hospital. Initially perturbed, I thought it would not be anything serious, and I silently believed he wold be fine.

In the evening, I called--hoping very much I could speak with him and find out how he was--when I got--yet again--a hold of his wife.

When she told me in vernacular that "he has come and done his bit on Earth", I knew the news was not good.

In my sister blog, Accra Daily Photo, I did a rather happy-go-lucky post about GOLD CAB SERVICES, which he was very loyal to. Godslin had been the one who informed me that British Black Cabs were coming down to Ghana to complement the fleet of cars that were operating under "Gold Cab".

The joviality of the post clearly belies my sadness for the person who I became very fond of. Mr.Atikpoe must have been in his early fifties, but he had such an affable disposition, and was so punctual it wasn't funny.

Anytime he came for me--wherever I might have been--he would come some ten minutes earlier and sit it out--not before calling me that he was there. We often spoke about common Ghanaian failings, and occasionally about his family.

Here's to you, Godslin Atikpoe.

Rest in Perfect Peace.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Mid-Week Madness:When your "Financial Institution is Unavailable", or A Cautionary Tale on Withdrawals

Last night, I almost lost my appetite because of a visit to the Accra mall I had entertained earlier. This was less of a case of a "mauvais quart d'heure"; it was more of a mauvais TWO hours!

I had gone to an ATM to withdraw a substantial amount of money, only to have a message flash across "your financial institution is unavailable". Rather used to this message, I dismissed it and went to another ATM.

To my horror, I had the barest minimum in my account--in other words ZERO money!

Within nano-seconds, I was on the mobile to my branch, who were simply just wasting my time trying to find someone I could make my complaint to.

To cut a long story short, after I had calmed down, I drew from an earlier experience and decided to call ECOBANK's toll-free 24/7 hotline. The lady was so, so sympathetic and calm about the whole thing. She took my details and apologised profusely, promising she would call me as soon as anything came up.

What had happened was that the bank had debited my account, when it displayed that message. This is not something I have not seen before; I should have been better-prepared. I had been withdrawing from this VISA-compatible ATM so many times I assumed everything would be A_ok.

In any event, I called the hotline some two hours later. A guy reassured me this time, explaining why such messages happen. He had good news! The machine had reversed automatically, and my money was back!

Note to self:
  • if you have to use the ATM, always withdraw a manageable minimum if you can, just in case this happens to you

  • keep sufficient, manageable money on you!

  • have your mobile handy 24/7 to call your branch in the event something like this happens

  • if you don't happen to have a 24-7 hotline for your branch, BLOG about it! Pester them! Write to the papers! The banks make enough money on us every nano-second. Why should they deprive you of such a service??

  • I have to say, though: Thankyou, ECOBANK!

    I didn't think I would have to thank them so soon after being pissed off by some of the funny antics of some of their staff!

    Friday, July 23, 2010

    Coming Back to Blogging's Hard to Do...Sometimes!

    It's been a week since I was back, and I have to confess to having written many blog entries--in my mind!--without translating them to an entry proper!

    Some of the issues percolating in my small mind include:
  • achieving all my personal objectives before the MONTH is out--never mind the year!

  • maintaining sanity in my mind and my health, what with all the things I have set out for myself to do--along my professional work!

  • creating a discipline of reading many things in SMALL doses--that is to say: reading 10 pages of different things/day instead of trying to read it all in one go (so far unsuccessful)

  • creating a timetable to have most of these achieved

  • exploring courses on conflict management and/or peace & security as I keep coming back to them! In Ghana, it seems like you have to be a soldier before those issues matter to you--or an academic!

  • writing entries on corporate Ghana and how they have hijacked the media, and unwittingly perpetuated the politicization and polarization of Ghana, such that issues that are non-political do not get a look in...

  • managing the ever-elusive dosh!

  • Ah, the cogitate further on these issues!;-) Have a good one.

    Keep it safe.

    Friday, July 02, 2010

    Watch The World Cup with Global Voices: Live Chat for Uruguay vs. Ghana

    For the past three weeks, we've been following the global conversation about the world's biggest sporting event. Now that the 2010 World Cup is down to eight teams, we thought it would be interesting to follow-up our first live chat with another one for the match between Ghana vs. Uruguay.

    Ghana is the only remaining African nation in the final eight and it appears that the entire continent has rallied around the “Black Stars“. They will face Uruguay, who is one of four South American nations to remain in contention for the title, and who is hoping to add to their 1930 and 1950 titles.

    The match will take place on Friday, July 2 in Soccer City Stadium in Johannesburg. (20:30 local time / GMT+2) [Montevideo: 15:30 / Accra 18:30]

    Please join us in watching and discussing this event together as we will go live a few minutes before the game begins. Several bloggers and translators of Global Voices will watch the tournament live. Join us!



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