Friday, July 23, 2010

Coming Back to Blogging's Hard to Do...Sometimes!

It's been a week since I was back, and I have to confess to having written many blog entries--in my mind!--without translating them to an entry proper!

Some of the issues percolating in my small mind include:
  • achieving all my personal objectives before the MONTH is out--never mind the year!

  • maintaining sanity in my mind and my health, what with all the things I have set out for myself to do--along my professional work!

  • creating a discipline of reading many things in SMALL doses--that is to say: reading 10 pages of different things/day instead of trying to read it all in one go (so far unsuccessful)

  • creating a timetable to have most of these achieved

  • exploring courses on conflict management and/or peace & security as I keep coming back to them! In Ghana, it seems like you have to be a soldier before those issues matter to you--or an academic!

  • writing entries on corporate Ghana and how they have hijacked the media, and unwittingly perpetuated the politicization and polarization of Ghana, such that issues that are non-political do not get a look in...

  • managing the ever-elusive dosh!

  • Ah, the cogitate further on these issues!;-) Have a good one.

    Keep it safe.
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