Monday, August 31, 2009

"Why is Africa Poor?" Re-Dux

My twitter comments last Monday went thus:

wondering what to say to BBC Mark Doyle when BBC's Over To You team call re:my complaint about Doyle's prog title "Why is Africa Poor?"

Shortly after, BBC did indeed call me. I talked. This is what I put in the status:
Emmanuel K Bensah Jr

Emmanuel K Bensah Jr
Just finished speaking to BBC Mark Doyle, and Rajun of BBC's "Over to You" programme. Mark Doyle sounds like a nice guy. Story behind the title dates back to no less than a Ghanaian friend of his who posed that title a while back when ...Doyle was in Ghana, as they travelled to Cape Coast from Accra! What I said was all over the place, but next Saturday's BBC "Over to You" will summarize it;-)Read More

August 24 at 2:27pm · · .

Now, here's the link to the post of the episode Sunday night:
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