Tuesday, August 25, 2009

CSI Tamale, or how Ghana Police "won't get fooled again..."

Mighty African threw me an open challenge yesterday regarding the post about "CSI Tamale". It's great to read that the University of Development Studies is the first tertiary institution to come out with a programme like this in the country.

The specific challenge was to try and write a thriller--all tongue-in-cheek of course--but I couldn't help but wonder of the possibilities that would flow from this development at UDS. If it had been another country, they might have decided to "follow" the students to see how they reconcile the fiction that is the fantastic CSI trilogy with the reality of down-and-dirty work of using science to combat crime.

On a funny note, I even thought of who might play Horatio Caine character, and just what music would be played each time he put on those crooked sunglasses he likes to carry.

Any takers? (please, no Van Vickers' or Jackie Appiahs!)
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