Tuesday, February 03, 2009

The Serendipities of Live Traffic Feed: Single or Married, this is Highly Recommended!

Over-excited by the prospect of writing weekly analysis of African Union updates, I've been buried in an article that needs finishing by the end of the week, and been equally following stories about the prospective African Union Authority that seeks to replace the African Union Commission.

There I was checking live traffic feed (to the right of the blog) when I came across someone from Rhode Island who had come from the US to visit an old entry. Doing some back-tracking, I noticed that someone had written a comment in 2007 to a post I had created in 2006! I checked to find the site, which I have captured above. At least, it's only one of four blogs Lady A maintains.

The title of the blog is Single or Married, This is For You. As Valentine's Day approaches, it's an interesting site to take a look at and reflect on!

Enjoy the blog here: http://relationshiptherightway.blogspot.com/.
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