Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Accra's Big, and We're Not All Gregarious! So, What's your Flavour?

There I was in the kitchen at work yesterday, speaking to a young, very personable and fresh graduate of the university of Ghana (at Legon), who is currently working as an intern in one of the organisations in the building.

We sat for what seemed like forty minutes. Despite her smiles--both wan and otherwise--I detected a quantum of solace around her life: her congeniality and intelligence (not to mention her good looks) precedes her--yet she seems unable (so she says) to network or make friends to live as fulfilling a life as she would want. She does have friends--and good ones it seems--but they're scattered across and outside Accra (as in Spintex and outskirts). On top of it all, all her siblings are outside.

What do I tell this lass about being more fulfilled [my words] in Accra? Any ideas--beyong further studies--to break what seems like boredom? I cannot help but think of the number of lovely, young people out there, like her, who are in the same soup.

Some might go the non-sensible way and do things out of character; others might just decide to leave the country altogether--by hook or by crook...
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