Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Taxi Tales: Road Rage à la Bicyclette

Insults and tro-tros are no strange bedfellows, but Monday night’s was particularly insightful.

There I was having boarded a tro-tro heading to Tetteh-Quarshie interchange (roundabout) from driving school, when a man on a bicycle almost bumped into the tro-tro. Now, the natural thing in Ghana is to suck your teeth, cuss a bit and move on. Instead, after the insults went flying from some of the male passengers to the cyclist as to whether he was drunk, etc, the cyclist would return a few minutes later as the tro-tro slowed down. He tried to cross the route of the vehicle so that it couldn’t pass!

The insults went in freefall – and it was interactive! The cyclist cried out to the tro-tro "you’re a fool! Didn’t you go to driving school?! Don’t you know how to drive?!"

Meanwhile, some of the men visibly agitated started waving their hands unceremoniously and accusingly at the cyclist for this foolhardy action, asking whether it as *he* who was not mad and a stupid fool for his action? In the meantime, a female security guard sat between the men grinning like a chesire cat, and shaking her head mildly. I could tell that she would have done things differently. That’s perhaps the reason why my actions unwittingly mimicked hers;-)
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