Friday, March 31, 2006

Might as Well Wax Lyrical about ECOBANK


31 Mar, Fri, 12:27:30  


I am heartened to know that many searches lately for “ECOBANK” arrive directly to my blog.


I have blogged about ECOBANK before here:





…and suffice to day that I will continue to blog about what I see is a very exciting indigenous private sector initiative that has serious roots to ECOWAS.


Checking on one of the links that I came across, I uncovered something that I think you might be interested in knowing:



"African banks are leapfrogging technology developments. Whereas many Western Banks have been utilising technology for many years and are battling with backend system integration problems brought about by improved front end delivery mechanisms such as the internet, Ecobank's solution consists of a fully integrated core banking system, with internet delivery via satellite communications - placing it ahead of many international banks."

Founded in 1985, Ecobank offers full service banking from 42 branches across West Africa. JSE-Listed Global Technology is the leading provider of solutions to the financial communities across Africa and Australia.

"Ecobank's customers will have a front-end into the bank's core GLOBUS banking system through the GLOBUS Integrator, which will be installed at their head office in Togo, from which transactions from the other countries will be routed," says Leonard.”





Fancy that! ECOBANK is ahead of many international banks—and who said Africa cannot do things for itself, huh?


Long live regional integration! Long live ECOWAS!

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