Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Why I Love Accra--Part I: The A & C Experience

I-Net Internet Cafe @ A&C Shopping Mall, East Legon Posted by Picasa

It's not just the air-conditioning (AC) almost everywhere that makes working in Accra interesting, but it's places like these: this particular Internet cafe at the ultra-modern A&C Shopping mall in East Legon. The computers here are very fast and I have just paid ç5000 (5000 cedis) or just under 1 dollar for thirty minutes at this very plush and posh cafe.

There are about 51 hi-tech computers here (17 x 3), and you'd be hard-pressed in NOT finding a gorgeous Ghanaian lady sitting at the computer, or waiting to attend to your needs.


There's another floor that leads to ???, but the place is spotless. I just also came from this other place right round the corner, called SCOOP parlour, or something. It's owned by a foreign couple: othe guy is from Florida, and the wifr from Bermuda.

When you walk in, the first thing the cute girl says is "Welcome to SCOOP..." -- EVERY TIME.

I heard her say it about 5 times. Can be a bit nauseating, especially because she exudes such enthusiasm saying it--and one may not necessarily be in the mood for that type of exuberance. Oh well, it's great customer service, no?

Also, as you leave, she says "Thankyou for coming. PLease come again!" --with an annoyingly huge grin. The guy with her at the counter just smiles. I did that too, and flirted an exchange smile with her. Only because she asked me whether I liked the music. Oh, the curves in her body...wow.

This is not the type of work she should be doing--or is it? Not for me to say is it?

I've got some more waxing lyrical to do much later about this A&C place, but this is such a great place to hang out on a weekend. During the week will prove a bit difficult, and I daresay dangerous, as the time might just overcome you:-)

But back to this cafe: the music is cool. They just finished playing a jazzed-up version of Dido's Thank you.


Accra rocks these days!!
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