Monday, July 11, 2005

What Is This (Racist) & International-Relations-challenged Lady from Florida, US On About?

I came across a post today that really irked me. It's by Saurkraut--a divorcee, with kids, from Florida, US. Her otherwise very interesting entries, in my opinion, were seriously sullied by this post here. Here's a quote:

I am now listening to an African reporter who is telling Tony Blair that this African aid is really too little, too late. This is typical of the arrogant cheek which we face from these beggar countries. Talk about looking a gift horse in the mouth! I am sickened by what we are doing. We are the English sheepdog, rolling over and fawning for a flea-bitten, mangy stray cur.



Here was my response--I find it annoying that I always have to give my background to make a point. Totally unnecessary, and yet, without it, she won't give my comments much thought.

Even so, I doubt that she will. You might want to check Daniel Hoffman-Gill's website (UK-based) and see his thoughts on such obnoxious people...

ekbensah ekbensah said...

Oh Saurkraut, oh saurkraut. I feel very sorry for you.

You raise some very interesting points that merit scrutiny.

Have you ever travelled out of the US? If I had some extra cash, which I HAD MADE FROM WORKING NOT FROM THE DONOR COUNTRIES, I'd invite you to visit my home country of Ghana.

You see, as I type this, I am at work in an air-conditioned room. Outside, there aree people going to work -- some poor, some rich, some middle-class -- and traffic lights are working.

Over the weekend, a public official came round to my house to fill me in on the newly-created National Health Insurance Scheme (not donor-funded, but funded by taxes from the population in Ghana) that will be operational in the next couple of weeks.

He didn't wield a machete, neither did he have to come to my house in a tank.

He walked, probably taking a taxi at a very affordable rate.

Yes, I may make more than he does, given my profession, but he will go back home in a car and sleep peacefully. He will not be stopped by soldiers; he will not have to pay a bribe to get a taxi home.

He would probably after go to Church, and prepare for the next week.

He will not see ONE SINGLE SOLDIER in the following week.

This is my country--Ghana. Ensconced in a rather turbulent West AFrican region, but at serious peace. The US embassy here praise my country for the very peaceful elections held here last November. Ambassador Mary Yates here in Ghana was sad to leave this country "as an example" for AFrica to follow.

So, please don't tell me ALL african countries are doing badly or riddled with corruption. Corruption is a serious canker--even more so in developing countries.

But, you have forgotten: COLONIALISM. Go ask the British. PLUS it is now established--and even the US has confirmed it that the first president of Ghana in 1957 (when Ghana attained its independence) DR.Kwame Nkrumah was OVERTHROWN BY THE CIA. Yes, YOUR govt.

SO please don't tell me your country doesn't have a role to play in helping poorer countries.

Look at the AFrican continent and SOuthern America and tell me why AMerica is SO disliked.The Brits initially had this reputation, but they have TRIED to make good.

SO Ghanaians PREFER dealing with the Brits, because they have a sense of compassion and fairplay--despite their colonialism over AFrica.

I spent 24.5 years living, working, and studying in Brussels, BELGIUM (headquarters of Nato/EU) in a job that exposed me to the diplomatic community a lot. Not to mention the fact that my Dad was himself one, and I had ALL the comforts that MOST Americans will probably never see.

We didn't own a home, we rented it--and it came from my Dad's salary. I went to British and US-style secondary school, and college respectively--all in Brussels.

I am educated. I have no reason to go back to the "West" for any reason. I work and am happy in my job.

Please don't insult my intelligence by telling me my country is not grateful for the money it gets.

Truth is: I DON"T WANT ANY MONEY FROM THE US OR G8! I want my debts cleared and BETTER TRADE.

Your country of the US is, according to the UN, the STINGIEST in donor assistance: 0.21 percent of your GDP.

Your poor deserve attention--serious attention. From shows like NYPD Blue to The SHield, to LA.Law to The Practice, we have gained an insight of the US anad how it places CORPORATE interests over the poor. THAT is why the US poor are suffering--NOT because your country is giving my country money.

NOT to mention drugs, which the CIA fabricated an ersatz, or fake war, to reap more money into the US--and what better place than COlombia--that is already unruly--or parts of the Americas -- in its own backyard??

Saurkraut, please let me assure you that when I travel, I prefer to go to Europe than the US.

There is a growing number of intellectual Africans out there -- some who are in the US and elsewhere -- who are re-channelling their efforts into making Africa a better place to live. I am but one of them in the macrocosm of this big, wide world.

SO, please watch the space for more AFrican-Union led initiatives, AFrican efforts, more on Africa simply.

We are big continent, and we are not about to go away. We want our independence from you. please get that straight. We want to start doing our own thing, because we realise you are either RACIST (Martin Luther King, 1960s, civil rights) or too corporate-minded.

Remember Enron?

have a good day...

and if ever you are curious try visiting Ghana Web to check the latest on my country.

Yes, we EVEN have computers, and some of us even have 24hr internet connection at work!!

hugs from Ghana (a cool 20 degrees)

7/11/2005 08:34:36 AM

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