Sunday, August 17, 2014

Emmanuel K Bensah Jr shared "AFRICA IN FOCUS 5-08-14.mp3" with you

From Emmanuel K:

""Kindly find a podcast of the 5 August edition of "Africa in Focus".

In this edition of AIF, we talked to Kenya's erstwhile "King of Facebook", and Brand Ambassador of Safaricomm to find out how that East African country has been able to revolutionise New Media. We also talked to the former Knowledge Management Officer of the UNECA who played an active role in ensuring that the rather-prosaic policy of Africa's integration and development is translated into the more exciting and vivacious New Media channel in Facebook.

Even more importantly, we used the show to explore the extent to which New Media, especially blogging, is still a good idea, and does it have validity in a space where twitter seems to be king? We tried to find out what Kenya's King of Facebook thinks about other forms of New Media, and does his commercial success lend weight to the fact that his template is one that can be replicated elsewhere in Africa?""

Click here to view

(Emmanuel K shared these files using Dropbox. Enjoy!)
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