Monday, June 18, 2012

[African Citizens] Consultancy Opportunity: Study on the Freedom of Movement in Africa


Free movement of people is central to continental integration and can therefore not be divorced
from other integration initiatives such as economic integration, political and security cooperation.
It is difficult to imagine how free movement of goods and services, let alone continental
integration will be achieved for as long as there are restrictions to the movement of people in the

From a civil society perspective, at the basic level, free movement of people would be in the
form of removal of VISA restrictions for short-term visits for an agreed period. At a deeper level,
free movement of people involves removal of internal border controls within member states,
harmonization of migration policies, procedures and travel documents and adequate
infrastructures to enable African citizens to easily and affordable access different countries.
Free movement of people also entails efficiency, security and safety of migrants as they move
from place to place and also as they seek to reside, work or establish themselves in another

If achieved, free movement of persons will be epitomized by the creation of a community of
African citizens, who can move from country to country without restrictions; citizens whose
human rights are respected; respect of the rights of migrants; tolerance; people to people
solidarity and more importantly a sense of belonging to the African Continent.

This is call for application by experts willing to do the study.

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From: Janah Ncube - Musimwa <janah.ncube AT>
Date: 2012/6/14
Subject: [African Citizens] Consultancy Opportunity: Study on the Freedom of Movement in Africa



Please find attached the TORs for a study on the Freedom of Movement of Persons in Africa.

Kindly share with your contacts and networks and/or recommend someone(s)

If you have comments and elements you think will enrich this study please share with me so we enrich the TORs before we sign the contract with the identified consultant to carry this important work.

Apologies for cross posting.

Best regards

French Study TORs for Free Movement of People -French trans -Final.pdf Download this file

Study TORs for Free Movement of People.pdf Download this file

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