Friday, May 25, 2012

Happy #AfricaLiberation Day! The #AU Launches Branding Campaign

I quite understand why there are many who might have an issue with the symbolism of AU day, but until we have even a small group of dedicated Ghanaians and Africans ready and willing to make African Unity happen--by any (legal and legitimate) means necessary--Africa will NOT come out of the doldrums.

Unbeknownst to many, the AU has launched a branding campaign (which pictures I have attached herewith for your amusement!) today, and I daresay if we had a more effective Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration, Ghana would have known about this before AU day! You can read more about it on

Secondly, AU day is NOT even celebrated in all AU member states, fueling speculation that some Africans are more "African" than others. Egypt is holding elections today--as you may know--and it is a sad indictment of Ghana-Egyptian relations that there was no indication of the celebration of the day before their elections.

Finally, until we begin to hold our politicians accountable by questioning them on their regional integration commitments around election time (as East African Community is talking of doing), we will hasten slowly. The East African Legislative Assembly, as compared to the ECOWAS Parliament, makes binding decisions on all member states of the EAC. Why has it taken so long for ECOWAS to follow suit? In my view, these and many more urgent issues must animate us on days like these!;-)

Africa Can--and Must--unite.

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