Monday, February 13, 2012

Must Wear White Shirt!

I am reminded of the Zambian team coach Herve Renard, who said on BBC World Service radio last week that any time he wears a white shirt, he gets lucky with the goals.

Now, this was the last thing on my mind when I wore my white shirt this morning. But after feeling so good doing so, I must re-consider doing it more often.

First, as I was waiting to flag a taxi to get to work, a strikingly-attractive young woman driving a sedan car unexpectedly slowed down and offered to give me not just a lift to the nearest junction, but even one further in town! Never mind that she gave a lift to two of us guys, which she doesn't know!

Secondly, when I got to work, one of my personable colleagues immediately remarked with what sounded like a 'hum...' that I 'look good';-)

Am I on cloud nine? Whether it was just a lucky day or not, I am certainly smiling the whole I prepare to catch the fight between monumental evil and heroic good on the series finale of the existentially heroic and qualitatively excellent 1999 supernatural drama 'Angel' which ended in 2004 with a lot of thought on how much we would sacrifice ourselves for the greater good...if we could. Looking fwd to Fox TV tonight!

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