Friday, January 13, 2012

I love Ghana, but I have come to respect Nigerians!

Come on now, it's 2012. Although Ghanaians might know that GHANA is the gateway to West Africa while Nigerians believe their country to be the destination, I think it is only fair to doff
one's hat as a sign of respect to Ghana's sister country.

I think I can sum it all into a tweet I posted a few days ago, which stated:

In #Ghana, #lawyers pontificate and ruminate; in #Nigeria, they go on #strike #fuelsubsidyremoval ;-D "
I do not ever re-call having seen any Ghanaian lawyer demonstrating out on the streets; they're mostly always on radio indeed pontificating and arguing with political and non-political opponents over legalities...

Kudos to Nigeria! Long love people power;-D
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