Friday, May 07, 2010

So This is Mali!

Each time I try to type the capital of Mali, a huge pop-up distracts my attention. It is actually forcing me not to write the capital, so that it won't block me. I like the security, though; if only we had this kind of security that warns you not to disclose private details about yourself and where you are, Ghana might be doing better instead of being black-listed!!

Anyways, so here we are: in another West African country for a work-related conference. Just right up my street. I though Accra could do better; but this country could do a whole lot better! As we landed, I saw mostly trees, more trees, and even more trees, with red dirt to boot.

And the traffic...not as bad as Ghana. The country is celebrating its fiftieth this year; so there are quite a number of new constructions taking place. I hope they work on the red dirt; it must needs seriously be tamed!

While Ghana is battling with no less than SIX mobile operators of MTN/Vodafone/Tigo/KASAPA/Zain/up and coming GLO, Mali is battling an abortive battle: the reliability of two mobile operators would be great news had it not been for the fact that one -- the state-owned MALITEL -- is reputed to suck, and the second--ORANGE--could do better in terms of connectivity!

I would have thought ORANGE being a French-based telco would do far better, but alas! Call drops every other call.Within the country, it is fine, but...

Oh, Mali: it is too early to conjure up an impression. Let us see how things go the next couple of days...
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