Friday, April 30, 2010

A Terribly Busy Week, But Happy Mayday, anyway!

I suspect you were expecting to see my regular Pick of the GhanaBlogging Week here today. Alas, though I have one in mind, it will have to be for next week Friday (though I might most likely be out of town, I can schedule-post).

Point is: this week I've had my hair turned gray out of frustrations flowing from a lack of organisation on some simple things that could have been better-handled. I'm not in the mood to write a post that would bring out the best that this blog can offer.

So let me just say that though next week will be a short week (tomorrow's Mayday holiday has been commuted to Monday 3 May as a public holiday, leaving a four-day week. A phenomenon I totally abhor!)

If you have not yet checked Golda's blog of Saving Ghana, please do. Even if posts are infrequent, it remains a refreshing insight into constructive ways Ghana can help herself combat environmental problems.

I also owe her a lengthy reply to an email I have already crafted. You'll get it soon, Golda!!;-)

As you wonder off to have a great Mayday, just be thankful that you are healthy--if you are--and that you have a job. If you don't, may you draw on your inner strength to find fortitude to keep looking!

The UN-based International Labour Organisation is reporting that:

the ILO recently adopted a new list of occupational diseases which, for the first time, includes mental, behavioural and post-traumatic stress disorders. The ILO Governing Body also adopted a plan of action to achieve widespread ratification and effective implementation of the occupational safety and health instruments (Convention No. 155, its 2002 Protocol and Convention No. 187).


Stay safe. Keep healthy. Till next week.
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