Tuesday, February 09, 2010

This is GHana, or a Cautionary Tale of its Inconsistencies

For all the noise that is made about the media in Ghana, you have got to put it that they are a more powerful batch than we give them credit for.

If we take the issue of traffic chaos on the legendary Spintex road, thanks to a couple of interviews on radio and television of policymakers and policemen on steps to resolve the headache-inducing traffic, for the past few days, police have been deployed in strategic places to ensure compliance by motorists of main roads that will make for smooth traffic.

Forty-eight hours into this laudable initiative, the police has gone the way of lackadaisical ostensibly abandoning posts where they should be. The result is traffic of the sort of last week that has begun to build.

Yet again.

Must we call on the media to save us--yet again?

___sent: e.k.bensah (OGO device)+233.268.891.841/ekbensah@ekbensah.net

These words brought to you by Ogo.

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