Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Vodafone on my Mind

Well, Tuesday 1 July was Republic Day and, as such, it was a holiday. It was odd coming to work on a Monday only to rest on Tuesday and get back the following day--but, hell, better than none at all!;-)

Back to the State of the payphones...well, they still exist in the country--like this one by the state-owned Ghana Telecom. It's a delicious irony I should be using this picture, for just today, heard that the British-based Vodafone has just bought 70% of Ghana Telecom(GT) for some $960million.

Results are what matters, so let's see what they will bring, though I cannot understand why Ghanaian polcy-makers have to consistently divest state-owned enterprises to attract investment. We've had horror stories from the Malaysians and Norwegians who did a bad job and left us. We're now going to the British...

Time will tell...

I am currently writing this week's piece for my column in Sunday World in which I raise some old and new questions about the Vodafone sale. Meanwhile, Ayo of Africanloft.com put up last week's piece on Ghana Telecom and Vodafone, which you can read here, which I have entitled New Country for Telecom's Men.

Truth is I am alive, but been preoccupied by a new website for the office that is Joomla-based, and getting me all excited!

More on that later!
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