Friday, March 14, 2008

As The Week Draws to a Close in Accra: the UN is Coming to Town; Onetouch, not Always in Touch

It's been a while, and I can only say that blogging has taken a back-seat due to seious work pressures, which I can primarily attribute to the design (and conception) of a website for the Civil Society Forum for no less than the 12th session of the UN Conference on Trade And Development. Last time it was held was in Brazil, and after CAN2008, that's the next big thing. Ghanaians, sadly, are not finding it too sexy, so there's little coverage of it in the news. Ofcourse, it is not without good reason. Next week, a press conference will put paid to the ignorance.

Still, I cannot for the life of me understand why the Ghana government is not trumpeting it the best way it knows how (through corporate sponsorships, like MTN?? maybe?;-))). In any event, the Ghana government's site, with accommodation in Ghana and everything else about Ghana can be found here:

I wil most certainly be posting more UNCTAD-related information about UNCTAD over the next couple of weeks. UNCTAD is scheduled for 20-25 April, with the civil society one held alongside it on 17-19 April. The site can be accessed here:

Onetouch--Not Always in Touch
The network that is "always in touch" in Ghana has not lived up to its name offlate. Sure, I'd die for ONETOUCH and all that, given that it's "proudly Ghanaian", but not any time soon! Both my significant other and myself have made what we can report to be interminable calls -- if you count three or four callsas "interminable" -- to the network's FREE hotline on 011. They are very responsive and quick, but their products on ONETOUCH have been decisively strange. Sending a CALL me back, which involves sending a FREE text message from the network to a recipient, does not work by sending a text message to the recipient. Strange thing, though, is that it works on some phones.

Consequently, I have had to use my other phone that has a ONETOUCH number to send a "CALL ME BACK" txt message to my girlfriend, which is not always the best!

I needs must bother them this weekend, I guess!

Enjoy yours!
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