Monday, November 19, 2007

Presidential Convoy Accident: Matters / Questions Arising

With arms akimbo, these two ladies look at the scene of the accident of the President last week. It's great that the President is alive and well--especially for his age--and going round his normal business. One question that has only been asked in the confines of the family home has been this: what was the president of the nation doing going to work at around 11am, when most workers were at work two-three hours earlier?

It's not that I won't sleep if I don't get an answer, but in the same manner that it is serving as a wake-up call on many fronts, especially road safety, it should also serve as an urgent reminder to get to work earlier--no?

Ofcourse I make light of a serious issue, but let's face it: he's alive, and we must needs move on with pushing our leader on accountability on all fronts--including why Ghanaian citizens were able to get so close to no less than the "first gentleman" as to lift him from the car? Where were the security detail?
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