Monday, March 05, 2007

Thank You, Adam Westbrook!; Where is E.K.Bensah I?

Adam Westbrook, I hope, ought not to be much of a stranger on this blog, though I do understand why it might be for some--given the clutter on this blog of mine;-)

Seriously, Adam is not just budding, but a very consummate broadcast journalist student, who is bound to go far, not just because he's called me "venerable", or "audacious and witty", but because he provides a very interesting perspective of journalism, his studies, the challenges he encounters, including perspectives on other issues of international affairs, like Sudan, and not-surprisingly, Ghana.

In his latest post, he threw me a challenge, when he wrote:

"This week marks fifty years since Ghana gained it’s independence from Britain. There’s celebrations going on all over the place in Ghana and the UK.

I’ll be writing as much as possible about it all this week, as well as trying to munch down on my first Ghanaian meal in four years.

And if you want to read all about it on the ground, check out EK Bensah’s brilliant blog

Erm. Splutter?!!?!

Say what, Adam:-))

Bang goes my sipping of pina colada, tomorrow, whilst in my bed listening to Kwame Nkrumah inform Ghanaians (yes, understatement, I know!) that Ghana, our beloved country, is free forever!...

...while contemporraneously wondering why my Dad hasn't yet told me why my paternal grandfather EK Bensah, in his capacity as Minister of Works and Housing is featured in the History of the Ghana Institue of Architects enjoying himself, as quoted here:

The inauguration of the Institute came off successfully on the 11th of December 1964 as planned at the lecture theatre of the Commonwealth Hall, University of Ghana, Legon, at 8:30 p.m. Hon E.K. Bensah, the Minister of Works and Housing, was the Chairman. He was supported by Nana Kobina Nketia IV, Director, Institute of Art and Culture, Dr. R.P. Baffour, Vice-Chancellor, KNUST and Mr. G.Y. Odoi, Managing Director, Ghana National Construction Corporation. The first Fellowships of the GIA were conferred on Hon E.K. Bensah, Dr. R.P Baffour, Hon. L. K. Apaloo and Mr. G.Y. Odoi. The Ghana Police Band was in attendance and dished out “conc” Hi-life tunes in their pristine state. (from:


what duties EK Bensah I performed, in his capacity as "African Ministerial Secretaries in 1953", as is featured here:

1. Mr J. H. Allassani, Ministerial Secretary for Develop-
2. Mr J. K. Donkor, Ministerial Secretary for Health and
3. Mr Ohene Djan, Ministerial Secretary for Finance.
4. Mr J. B. Erzuah, Ministerial Secretary for Education
and Social Welfare.
5. Mr Krobo Edusei, Ministerial Secretary for Justice.

6. Mr E. K. Bensah, Ministerial Secretary for Commerce,
Industry, and Mines.

7. Mr A. Imoru, Ministerial Secretary for Agriculture and
Natural Resources.
8. Mr Kwesi Plange, Ministerial Secretary for Local
9. Mr F. Y. Asare, Ministerial Secretary for Housing,
Town and Country Planning.
10. Mr Atta Mensah, Ministerial Secretary for Communi-
cations and Works.
11. Mr R. A. Ampodu, Ministerial Secretary for Defence.

MR JOSEPH EMMANUEL APPIAH, the personal representa-
tive in the United Kingdom of the Prime Minister, was born
in Kumasi in 1923, the son of a former schoolmaster and now
Chief Secretary to the Ashanti Confederacy Council. Mr
Appiah received his secondary education at Mfantsipim
College in the Gold Coast before coming to Britain to read
Law at the Middle Temple. During the early part of the
Second World War, he served as transport officer first at
Takoradi and later on at Freetown, Sierra Leone, on the staff
of the United Africa Company.


It is an article of irony that his youngest grandson would work with an organisation that campaigns against, inter alia the perpetuation of commerce, or trade, --not to mention policy on mines -- that is inimical to the development of not just my beloved country of Ghana, but the rest of Africa.

Forgive my apparent self-aggrandizement, but if no-one will honour my grandfather, who am I not to? If you see this, Dad, I'm sure you'll be very happy;-)

Long live Ghana!

I will be sure to bring some more perspectives this week on Ghana, such as the importance of Ghana helping Guinea at this critical time--in a manner akin to that of Dr.Kwame Nkrumah several decades ago!
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