Monday, January 22, 2007

Remembering Ghana's this Jubilee Year

With Ghana sitting on the cusp of historic change as it sets the stage for the ushering in of its Jubilee year, it is my earnest and sincere belief that the necessity to initiate a review of Ghana's regulatory agencies is critical. I had, in fact, been thinking of this last year, and went to the extent of listing some of them, which I'll post here shortly. In a somewhat serendipitous move in the direction of writing more about the country's regulators and their work--or lack thereof--I came across an article in today's Business and Financial Times about the National Petroleum Authority closing down 8 petroleum outlets that were unlicensed.

"This is where we should be going", I thought. As you know, thoughts like these flash many people's thoughts many times a year, but translating it into a desire of exposing regulation--or non-performance of it--is not always at the fore.

In 2007, and in my thirtieth year of existence, I'm about to try and reverse the trend of merely cogitating and arm-chair-strategising. I'm taking this renewed attitude into different manfestations of action that will feature on many of my other blogs. Within the next few days, you will find an outline of some of the new features that I will be incorporating into this blog, making it -- in the best way I can-- a blog to stop by--by hook or by crook. ;-) [You've gotta give it to me for humility, no?:-))))]

an inset taken from my mobile phone of the article...
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