Friday, February 24, 2006

24 February 1966--24 February 2006: Ghana's Day of Shame

On 24 Febraury, 1966, the first President of Ghana would be overthrown in a CIA-inspired coup whilst in Hanoi mediating peace. Today, 40 years later, Ghana remembers him.

I sent this text message to Bernard Avle's CITI FM Breakfast Show on Ghana's 97.3FM band:

ROPAB , a law to compel external ghanaians 2 vote was passed on eve of 40th anniversary of a coup that involved external forces 2 remove Nkrumah. Is the irony lost over you?--emmanuel, spintex

The host, Bernard Avle, regrettably, made a sarcastic comment: where do the{y} get these from?

He did say one thing right: "this text was sent by one of our keen listeners".

2.02pm update: I just gave Avle a call, and he said that the Minister (Apraku--Miinister for Regional Integration and Nepad who was there waiting for the programme INSIDE POLITICS) chuckled at what was perceived to be a discerning comment. Avle admitted to now seeing the jocular side. My point was not that the NPP administration passed the ROPAB deliberately on the eve of the fortieth anniversary of the 66 coup, but that irrespective of whether it was a coincidence or not, the IRONY was there! Good to have clarified things!!
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