Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Emmanuel K Bensah Jr shared "AFRICA IN FOCUS 22-07-14.mp3" with you

From Emmanuel K:

"Dear friends,

Kindly find the #PODCAST to the 10th edition of #AfricainFocus , which interrogated the issue:

"understanding energy security is important because the reliable supply of commercial energy services is critical for growing economies in West Africa. Just like people elsewhere, citizens in West Africa seek a higher standard of living, which is only possible with access to commercially-sustainable energy services.

Yet, most of the region lack the energy infrastructure needed to meet demand, although resources such as oil, gas, hydro and coal are available and there are opportunities for modern use of biomass and other renewables such as wind and solar"

Other Questions answered:
• What is energy security, and how is it prosecuted in West Africa? (ERERA)
• What are some of the threats to energy security in (West) Africa? (ERERA/GIABA)
• How can energy security be maintained? (ERERA)
• What are the regional & continental responses to countering challenges to energy security? (ERERA/GIABA)"

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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Emmanuel K Bensah Jr shared "AFRICA IN FOCUS 15-07-14.mp3" with you

From Emmanuel K:

"Kindly find the podcast of the NINTH edition of the "Africa in Focus" show, which interrogated the question:

"Even as we celebrate this beautiful new star of Africa, we must begin to ask important questions on how it has been able to link conservation and tourism to development in a way that is reflected through the annual gorilla-naming ceremony. As Ghana prepares itself to host the UN World Tourism Organisation international conference on Tourism Branding, what lessons can it learn from Rwanda which makes up to USD300m a year on tourism?"

• When did the idea for the gorilla-naming ceremony come about, and why is it important for Rwanda? (Ignatius, RwandAir)
• What are some of the best practices on tourism that Rwanda can share?
• What are some of the achievements Rwanda has been able to chalk since the end of the genocide in 1994 (Ambassador Habineza)
• Why did the city of Kigali decide to establish the Genocide Memorial museum? (Serge Rwigamba)
• How has the genocide memorial been able to renew the spirit of Rwandans towards re-building their country? (Serge)
• What has Rwanda done right which Ghana can learn from?"

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